Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Nothing happens when I use the Up & Down switches. What could be causing this?
A: It could be a shortage of power to the Up & Down switches. Try flipping the On/Off switch several times. See if the fuse has blown.

Q: The solenoid clicks but the windlass will not go up or down. There is sufficient power to the solenoid, but not to the windlass? What is the problem?
A: Check the power supply for the windlass motor. Make sure power is going from solenoid to motor. See if the main fuse has blown. (This is not the same fuse for the motor and the solenoid. The main motor fuse is from 70 - 150 amps and the solenoid is 5 amps)

Q: The windlass works normally, but doesn't have enough power to haul the anchor. What could be causing this?
A: The windlass clutch is too loose. Use the windlass handle to tighten the clutch.

Q: The windlass operates normally, but the chain does not come in or the chain gets jammed on the windlass or underneath the windlass. What is causing this?
A: Check to make sure the chain is not getting caught when going through the chain pipe. The hole in the deck needs to be cut at an angle to prevent the chain from getting hung up. This is also a common problem with new chain (with a lot of galvanizing on the chain). Bring the chain out and then in again. Another problem can be the storage room for the chain. If this is too small the chain can get jammed. If the chain gets stuck without you noticing, the main fuse might blow.

Q: My windlass seems weak and powerless, and the drop and haulage speed is slow. What causes this?
A: Your battery is week, remember we are dealing with a lot of power consumption. Remember to use the correct cable size for the motor. The main fuse might blow under these circumstances.

Q: I have an older Dolphin 1000 and my motor has three (3) posts.  The new replacement motor only has two (2) posts.  What do I do with the third wire?
A: If replacing an old D1012 motor with a new D1012 motor you must also change the solenoid to our Part Number: 90503.  Connect the two (2) hot wires to the motor and cut back the negative wire where the solenoid is and hook negative on to the new solenoid #90503. 

Q: I have a Stingray Model and don’t see any parts available on your site?
The Stingray Model was discontinued in 2009 and no longer carry any replacement parts.  We recommend you upgrade your windlass to the new Barracuda Vertical Model.

Q: I have lost a bolt to my Anchor Connector/Swivel and need a replacement?
A: Our Anchor Connectors/Swivels are made using a single piece of 316L Stainless Steel.  Each bolt is specific to that unit.  We do not carry replacement bolts and you will need to purchase a new Anchor Connector/Swivel.  We recommend using a Thread Locker product on the threads of all bolts used in a marine environment to prevent them from backing out.

Q: I bought my Anchorlift through a Marine Salvage place or Private Seller/On Line and it doesn’t work, What’s my warranty?
A: Anchorlift & Salt Gear products are covered under warranty if purchased through an Authorized Reseller only.  Proof of purchase is required to verify. We stand behind all of our products but we cannot warranty anything that was purchased from an unauthorized party. 

Q: My solenoid says 90503 but it doesn't look like the one in the picture?
A: The older models had the 90503 solenoid and it has since been modified and issued a new part number which is: 90501.  If your existing solenoid has three (3) brass tabs on the side with four (4) posts on top, you will require the new part number: 90501 (12v) or 90504 (24V) Solenoid as a replacement.

Q: What Windlass do I have on my boat, I don’t see a Part Number?
A: Unfortunately, there are no part numbers on older windlasses BUT it is easy to figure out which model you have.  First: look at your motor for a label that will have the model indicated on it: Barracuda, Dolphin, Mako or Aquarius.  Second: measure the size of your chain,  ¼” = Barracuda models, 5/16” = Dolphin or Mako models (depending on chain size) and 3/8” = Mako or Aquarius. Third: check your Gypsy for markings embossed on it that will indicate chain size i.e., ¼ - 6mm, 5/16”-10mm etc. and lastly you can help determine which windlass you have by the size of your boat: up to: 30ft = Barracuda 600, 35ft. = Barracuda 900, 45ft = Dolphin 1000, 75’ = Mako and up to 90’ + = Aquarius.